Schulze Pollmann introduces.... ilPiano


Worldwide, this is the first and the only electronic piano with the authentic keyboard, action and hammers of a grand piano, all perfectly regulated by hand to offer the perfect musical feeling.

ilPiano has been designed for the pianist who desires a grand piano in a compact size, with a rich and versatile amplification (also through the headphones). This amazing piano is capable to deliver the best concert piano sounds and many more instruments in hi-fi quality. It features a sensational and precise touch, which is allowed by the keyboard, action and hammers of a genuine grand piano. 


It is an innovative and stylish piano where digital technology has been adopted principally as an aid to better satisfy the pianist.  In this extraordinary instrument, technology does not merely substitute the most important features of the grand piano (like it does in digital pianos) but it indeed enhances them and makes them versatile both in terms of variety of use and reduced size – all this without a compromise in musical appeal and quality. ilPiano is the ideal instrument for each pianist also in substitution of his/her preferred grand piano.


Roll top closed

Roll top semi-opened

Roll top semi-opened

Roll top opened

Keyboard and Action

Optical Sensors

Control Panel